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This is how stars react to the death of Jons Firecher


Germany's Boonchez died, and Germany was also shocked by the famous Washington Cross star. In social networks, compliments and accusations increase.

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Jens bushner's health was assumed a few days later. Daniel Buchner, his wife, said doctors would "do all possible things". According to Jennifer Murdis, a predecessor, a 49-year-old "dying"

On Saturday afternoon, Jens Buenner's agency officially announced: Jans Turner was sleeping on Saturday night.

The stars did not give up

The stars were deeply affected by the loss of their father. "I am sad and my condolence will have a lot of strength for my family," Natszacha Ochsenknecht wrote. "Now the eagles will take their own nose!" James Bunner repeatedly had a hatred. Until the end, the fans reacted to his enemies for his health problems.

Jina-Lisa Lofkin used social networks to express her sorrow. "I'm broken and sad, my dear Jens are with us – can not believe that," Adam such ewa "candidate emphasizes" I do not stop crying … rest in peace, my friend, your pain will be gone. "She said," That was a good mind. " Ends his comment.

Moderator Frau Ludwig also attended Instagram. She was with her family in her mind.

Society-Lady Khader Lot sat with Jens Bushner in the jungle in 2015. "I'm panicked, I can not believe it!", She wrote a very simple picture. Then she was personally re-entertained. Turning to the star: "I will never forget you."

Jungle Queen Melani Mullar shocked: "Silently sitting in the kitchen." She was with her family in her mind. "But, Fak, you can not eat that loss."

Marion "krul" puff becomes "shaking" and "wondering". Singer Belleran Lokwal is the singer of the "Crus Zed". There, the bouquet was regularly attended. "We will miss you too much, you always have to be in our hearts!" She wrote Yusagram.

Bert Vollersheim, who joined Jones Buncher together in the film "Sommer's Dear Stars", also greeted the greetings he sent back to Mallorc. In a typical photograph he wrote: "RP, Jens, find your peace." In addition, "Danny Bushner wants us to care for him and his children."

On the other hand, Frank Fusbrøvich played Jens Bushner in the movie "Sommerhar Durst Star". Former TV The star wrote: "My friend, I will never forget you."

Danny Bushner has never commented on the death of her husband. In his official 2.0 press release. "Please give his wife, Daniel, and the place where kids are to mourn in peace."

Jens Boencher became famous by the Vu Show "Goodbye Dusselsland" and displayed at the RTL Jungle Camp. Native Saxon was criticized repeatedly. Recently for her wife Daniela Buchenor in the movie "Somme's Durst Star".

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