Friday , January 15 2021

US rapper Chris Brown inquired about rape allegations in Paris

Paris (APA / AFP) – U.S. Rapper Chris Brown has been arrested temporarily in Paris on charges of rape. After questioning on Tuesday, Brown was freed, the prosecutors said. The case against Brown did not start, but the investigation is underway. Brown accused the woman of misusing her with two other men.

Brown was arrested on Monday. According to the woman, on the night of January 16, the gang raped by Brown, her bodyguard and another person was found in the hotel in the city center. At the age of 25, at the French capital, he had previously celebrated with the musician and other women at the club and then he went with him in the hotel.

Brown's attorney Raphael Chechen said that he enthusiastically "enthusiastically" insists on his innocence and wants to file a defamation suit. The singer tells the allegations in Instagram "wrong" and "offensive" online picture service themselves.

Brown has been in trouble with the judiciary over the past few years. In 2009, she was sentenced to five years in prison and 180 days of service to the California Court on her subsequent assassination of Girlfriend R & B Star Rihanna.

Worldwide headlines at the time of its beating attack: Rapper had worked so hard on Rihanna before the Grammy Awards in the dispute that she had to cancel her appearance in Gala. The injured Rihanna police photos went worldwide.

In 2014, Brown was convicted for attacking the fan in Washington. Two years later two women in Las Vegas and Los Angeles reported violence to them.

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