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When the IPO becomes a nail-bitter «


At the moment, the IPO environment is far from the best: putting the project on hold or cutting corners to stretch it. Not only America's President Donald Trump but there is uncertainty around Brackett and the Italian budget crisis.

Volkswagen got the courage anyway, as they did not want to cancel the second attempt for a truck subsidiary Troton. The bright start on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange was seen differently on Friday: Though the share of the 27 euro at the bottom of the price, which was enough for 33 euros, it was spent, the paper soon declined, after the commencement of the work. Issue price

Since the issue amount has been reduced, VW will recover only 1.55 billion euros – Troton CEO Andreas Renseller calls for up to six billion euros. To hedge the IPO, Volkswagen won the Swedish Pension Fund AMF PensionforceKring Abbey as an anchor shareholder, which had only entered Troton 200 million euros.

So far, Trotton is the only classic IPO in the freight prime standard. The fashion retailer is hoping to follow the global fashion group on Tuesday. In addition, early investors have reverted the rocket Internet and Kinenevic-owned company: the subscription period was extended until last Friday, the issue price was reduced by 4.50 Euro from six to eight euros. In addition, Rocket Internet and Kineanyev support this issue by leading GFG shares up to 100 million euros. This income has been approximately 230 million.

In the lower part of the price range, Austrian investor Michael Togner's packaging manufacturer AlflexPac's shares are also announced on Friday. But they continued to go

How the stock market's climate has decreased, the figures of EY show that the number of IPOs worldwide has gone from 17% to 302 in the second quarter. In the first quarter, there were only 205 initial public offerings. The biggest issue ever so far was $ 8.1 billion of intermediate Uber. Uber also started the start of the stock market. Hopefully the second part of the year will improve. US In, technical introduction and healthcare companies gave particularly strong momentum. China expects reinstatement.

("Die Press", print edition, 30.06.2019)

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