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Winters inhale the country

Winters inhale the country

Linz There were thousands of Mhlviertler without electricity for many hours. There is no weather improvement in the present scenario: it is becoming windy and clear.

Winters inhale the country

Snow people in Salzkamargat Picture: Harmandinger

Winter is still a strong grip on upper Austria. In addition to numerous accidents and roadblocks, there are numerous power outages in heavy snow in the weekend Mhlviertel Yesterday, again 6,000 homes were affected.

Triggers for failure were trees and sticks, which fell on the line due to snow pressure. On Saturday night and yesterday night, 5000 lynn AJ customers were impressed with the power cut hours. Among other things Green, Bad Crusen or Dimch Without electricity

Smoke on Saturday under wet ice weight Braunau 5000 square meters to cover the ceiling. With Rumang, 168 firefighters were captured for eight hours.

In Ebensee There were three avalanches, there were no burials, but there were roadblocks like Gossau.

The weather does not calm down. By contrast: Uttar Pradesh, Wednesday, changes the Wednesday to a slate, bringing us to high-altitude changes in weather with snow. In addition, there is a strong wind, which is at least 80 kilometers on Tuesday. At the speed of the hour / hour will bring a "very insulting storm weather", as Zemege meteorologist Kathryn Jitz Fried. Expecting peaks of 100 kilometers per hour in open mountain areas.

This avoids the risk of avalanches. Heavy snow can be a burden to the roof and trees. Other bad weather on Wednesdays and Thursdays brings frosttor temperature (temperature below -2) and snow in the valley.

Ausflle: A night without electricity

Among the communities of Lower Muhlwirtel, which were influenced by power outages on weekends, also included Pabneukirchen In Perug district. "One-third of our community's links are provided by AG and provided by two-thirds by a local provider," says Mayer John Buchinger. "From Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning, electricity was always in full swing." Events in two guesthouses were canceled in the evening because "there is no kitchen without electricity," says Bucherger. "It can be difficult to farm milk for the farmers, but most of them have already helped with an emergency generator."

As long as the power was lost for only a few hours, the condition was not so bad. "If it takes few days, it will be uncomfortable," says Burgberger. "One should know that nature is stronger than technology, and its family is equipped with it."

> Video: The ORF Weather Editor's bases predict the snowfall at least one week on the northern side of the Alps, which makes the wind more vulnerable.

Roadblock: It was accessible only by Gossau Salzburg

Was temporary Gosau Salzburg can be accessed only in the Salzkarmargat: due to the fear of strong avalanches, the Pass-Gosset-Bundestar pass between Gosau and Gosamhel had to be closed on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday evening, the road was abandoned after the control vehicle. Meyer Frederic Posch says that "some small avalanches have stopped, the situation has been abandoned, so we decided to do it." When Salzburg traveled without any travel travel tourists, the relief in the passengers is particularly great: "Otherwise you will have to drive a vehicle 130 km away from Salzburg, from Gazianth."

Numerous accidents: Stuck in the snow and crashed through the train

Due to heavy snowfall, more than 200 vehicles were forced to save upper-left Austria sections at the end of the week.
In Fraham In the district of Effing, the 39-year-old passenger car driver overturned his car on Snow Road. A 55-year-old railroad crossing in Salzkarmargat lives in deep snow valleys created by train traffic. Bad Goicorn Stuck After about two minutes, alert lights started and the obstacles were closed. 55-year-old and Pasarbai could get the safety, the car was driven by train and it was pushed 50 meters before the train.

Risky Joke: Snowman made on train track

A stupid joke with Smimman built on the railway track is Friday 23rd Leoonding Emergency services in a mobility driver and then excitement. The train driver suddenly heard a thug near the headstarter and thought that he had killed a man. Then the train track was detected, not a person but found a big slope of ice.

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