Tuesday , July 27 2021


Public activity: Alert alert

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is warning travelers on July 23 that flights from uckland to Nadi, and from Nadi to Los Angeles, are open. The Ministry of Health and …

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UK hit by severe power failure

Large-scale failures are reported in large areas of the UK, affecting homes and transport networks. The national grid said it was caused by issues with two power generators but now the problem …

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Ozil, Kolosinak will miss Newcastle's game due to security concerns

Ozil, Kolasinac will miss Newcastle game due to safety concerns sl "slug": "football" l "," name ":" football "l", "menu":[], "Topics":[group"group_name":"southafrica"​​"topics":[{"Name":"absprimeship""slug":"abba-premiership""parent_slug":"abba-premiership""yuri":null"hidden_tabs":[{"group_name":"SouthAfrica"​​"topics":[{"name":"AbsaPremiership""slug":"absa-premiership""parent_slug":"absa-premiership""uri":null"hidden_tabs":[group”જૂથ_નામ”:”દક્ષિણઆફ્રિકા””વિષયો”:[{“નામ”:”અબ્સાપ્રીમિયરશીપ””ગોકળગાય”:”અબ્બા-પ્રીમિયરશીપ””પેરેંટ_સ્લગ”:”અબ્બા-પ્રીમિયરશીપ””યુરી”:નલ”હિડન_ટેબ્સ”:[{“group_name”:”SouthAfrica””topics”:[{“name”:”AbsaPremiership””slug”:”absa-premiership””parent_slug”:”absa-premiership””uri”:null”hidden_tabs”:[]}, name "name": "GladeAfrica Championship", "slug": "national-first-division", "parent_log": "national-first-division", "yuri": null, "hidden_tabs":[“scorers”]}, …

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