Friday , January 15 2021

& # 39; Rajdhari Raj Razak & # 39; The channel will get this tomorrow

Showbiz Desk: On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the popular actor of the country, 78th anniversary of Razak's 78th birth anniversary of Bangladeshi film legend, Channel will be broadcast at 5:20 pm. Documentary Capital Raj Razak, produced by media personality Shake Siraj, is directed by Naykoroj Razak.
In the history of the Bengali film, the name of one of the star's bright stars, Razak, will remain until the Bengali film remains. His life and career stories include Impress Telefilm Limited banner, Rajdhari Raj Razak & # 39; 90-minute biography was fake.
In the year of Razak's death, Sheikh Siraj has already made a documentary. Razzaq's interview was accepted. In addition, she grew up in Calcutta at one time, adding the memories of the film's relatives and friends of friends, the song has been added to the documentary. Apart from this, Razak talked about acting colleagues of life. On August 21, 2018, the heroes' first death anniversary was. On that occasion, the documentary & # 39; Raj Rajar Raj Razzak & # 39; discussed in the production of Shake Cirage, was released on Channel Eyes screen and later in Cineplex. After the release of the documentary, the entire family of contemporary actor, actress, producer, photographer, singer, musician, songwriter and Razak's hero Nayak Razak is appreciated.

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