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Actor Musu Chattopadhyay's servant was arrested – News 18 Bengali

The servant of actress Musumi Chattopadhyay was arrested

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UpdatedJanuary 07, 2019 06:04 PM IST

#Mumbai: Acting on the charge of Chopra, the domestic servant of actress Musumi Chattopadhyay was arrested.

It was said that the actress could not stay at the Khaira residence of Mumbai for several days in the last week. However, even if they were not at home, there were three ministerial servants, servant servants, two women and one man. Only after returning to Mosumi Chatterjee, sensational information – gold bangles, millions of rupees cash and other valuable items disappeared from home!

After that, the actress filed a complaint with Khar police station. Investigations, minister of ministerial staff, minister inquiries. But the servant named Sunita was missing in two servants. The police found him in the house of Monsumi Santacruz. From there, Sunita was arrested from there.

Suneeta's neighbors said she has gone to gold shops. Before the sale was rescued, the police rescued the stolen jewelry. Sunana was arrested under section 381 of the Indian Penal Code.

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