Wednesday , January 20 2021

After 47 years of independence met Meharpur Minister

Mehrpur MP Firhad Hussain, the State Minister of Public Administration. Staff-supporters are charming. Yesterday evening municipal town. First thing > Farhad Hussain is the President of the Public Administration Ministry and President of Awami League of Mehrpur-1 district.

Farhad Hussain, Chairman of District Awami League, will be given the responsibility of the State Minister for public administration, Mehrapur-1, newly elected parliament member of the electorate (Sadar and Mujibnagar). The Cabinet Secretary announced the names of new ministers and ministers on Sunday afternoon. The announcement of Farhad Hussain's name was also made at that time.

In Muzibnagar Amarkan, Bangladesh's first temporary government was formed in Mehrapur. Bangabandhu's partner Syed Tajuddin Ahmad took oath as the Prime Minister of the temporary government. Later, Amar Kadan Baidyanathal was named after Mujibnagar. But in 47 years of independence, no historical district has got any ministry.

Mehrpur demanded the formation of Farhad Hussain as the candidate for the Mehrpur-1 seat in the 11th parliamentary election. After the oath of MPs, the demand became stronger. After the election, Farhad wanted to see Hussain as a minister. According to Social Media, posting on Facebook, many people demanded. The Awami League leaders of the district demanded 47 years of independence but Mehrapur did not get any minister. Now, at least one MP is made a minister. Eventually the demand is met

Because of the responsibility of Farhad Hussain, the responsibility of spreading the happiness of ministerial office is due to the floods in Mehrapur. Rapture everywhere, Facebook has given congratulations to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Farhad Hussain was elected MP for the second time in this constituency. In the eleventh parliamentary election, his main opponent was United Front, candidate of the district BNP president Masood Arun. Masood Arun's father Ahmed Ali was elected twice in the parliament. Farhad Hussain's father was a parliamentarian In this election, Masood lost Arun Jumnaat. Firad Hussain defeated him by 1, 70, 000 votes. Masood Arun got only 14 thousand 192 votes. None of the seats before this seat has ever been lost.

In 2008, Awami League candidate Joynal Abedne defeated Masood Arun. In 2014, Farhad Hussein, the son of party leader Sayyiduddin was nominated.

Ratan Ali of Qutubpur village of Sadar Upazyah said that it is important to emphasize agriculture to improve the agricultural sector. Even after 48 years of independence, the historian got a minister in Mehrpur. This will increase the desired development level.

District Development Forum Chairman Rafiqul Alam said that there is no alternative to the ministerial level for development of this area and the history of the liberation war of Bangladesh in front of the younger generation is for further development. The long-term demand of people in the field of agriculture is the Krishi University. He said that Mujibnagar's honor has increased due to the charge of the country's Minister, Farhad Hussain.

Assistant Professor of Meharpur Government College, Abdullah Al Ameen said that this district is mostly farmers. The industry is not developed here. People have been demanding land port for a long time due to lack of industrialization, employment of unemployed youth has not been created. As the country's minister, Farhad Hussain expressed the hope that most of the problems will be solved.

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