Sunday , March 26 2023

Autorickshaw driver was killed in Kalihati by Deshabhimani


Post mortem report on fodder

On Friday morning, a young man, Soubuj, was killed in a clash between the bus and the auto near 11, near Kalihihiya subdiale in Thangal. Green Autorickshaw driver.

Two persons were injured in the auto rickshaw. She was admitted to Sheikh Haseena Medical College Hospital, Their condition is perplexing.

Batala Banga's bus was dumped in an auto rickshaw near a 11-storey building in Dhaka, said Mohanaraf Hussain, a police station. Auto rickshaw was gone. The auto rickshaw haw was killed on the spot. Rickshaw drivers in auto rickshaw have been injured.

Itteak / Ubi

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