Friday , July 30 2021

Barisal Rangmistry, Girls, US Social Worker … – 706991 | Cleric Knights

US Marine colleague Sarah Marian and Rangismithry Apu Mandal of Barisal boarded Riksh on Thursday evening after the wedding ceremony. Photo: Artist Corp.

On Facebook – Good Marianne-Apu begins the story of social media. The current status of the story is that she is sitting on both wedding pitch. Marriage arrangements will be made in the Christian Ward of Ward number 2 in the city of Barric.

Sara Marian is a resident of the state of California, United States. Minnesota works as an elderly nurse. And dancer Michael Apu Mandal is a resident of the Christian Colony of Kaunia Main Road in the city. Both have completed marriage formalities.

City Guard Councilor Advocate Murtaza Abedine said on Thursday that the ring between Sarah Marianne and Apur has changed. On this occasion, the program was organized on a small scale in the initiative of the family of the Asur. He said, "The local people are surprised because the American woman is going to Bristol in this way and is married to Apu in the lower-middle class."

Apu said that, on November 19 last year, he was well-acquainted with the discussion group on Facebook. Then they will contact regularly. It was a video call. To talk, they loved both. Both family members also spoke in the video call. A few months ago, the wedding was decided by the consent of Sarah and Apu. And on November 19th came all over Bangladesh.

Local school teacher Sumurul Mondal said that both are Christians. After this, the wedding ceremony was completed on Wednesday after the Bengali tradition. Wear all saris. It could break broken broken Bengali.

Sarah said that she loves all the families of Apu very much. It was influenced by the nature of Barisal. They will be returned to the United States on November 27. After you arrive in Apu, you will be taken

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