Tuesday , May 24 2022

Basundara Kings Trump in Coalfers Hap


In the fourth quarter of the tournament, Bhandandara kings defeated the BJP 5-1. Oscar Bresnan's confirmation of the followers is a great force. Sheikh Russell, a rival of Kings XI in the semi-finals on November 20,

Basantara Kings, a group that discussed this season. Bashendra is a new hope for the country's football fans. The team's footballer promotes the glory of each contest. In the quarterfinals, the football world's football manager, Major of the World Cup football player, met the football lovers at the Bangladesh stadium.

Costa Rica is a 33-year-old Costa Rican star who does not oppose Jam and Nafl. However, Barcelona became the winner of 16 international conquests. Collins did not waste time trying to celebrate the goal. Two minutes before Ibrahim crossed the cross and led Basharara's leadership.

The BJMC's 6-minute footballer CalindaDesign doubled twice. Trick the Risks of Football There is no time to get the first trick in football. In the fifteenth minute, the candle was lit by the wings of the Bangladesh Paras. When the match progressed to 3-0, this victory was very rare in Basantara's heart.

In the 54th minute, Al Ameen and Samson Eliasu scored at the 67th minute. In the 70th minute, a replacement football player, Tuhidul Alam Sabuj, withdrew support from the BJP. At that time, the magic of foreign footballer's footsteps came to the fans, and then for Muttan Mia. The greens broke down in the spirit of the football pacemaker.

Samson Elizasu of Bimmy in the penalty cornered a goal. BCMM sympathies find some relief. Basantara kings have been in a great position in the semester.

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