Monday , January 18 2021

BPP in Marx Money and Boat Polling By: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday in Sudha Sadan in the video conference. Photo: BAAS

• Video conferencing from Dhanmandi Sudha Sadan's residence on Thursday
• Speech in the election rally in Rajshahi, Narail, Joypurhat and Gaiband
• Awami League president introduced people with candidates
• The Prime Minister requests to give an opportunity to re-serve the countryside

Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accused the Election Commission of the 11th Parliament for the candidature and trade. He said that BNAP has nominated three to four candidates in each constituency and all these seats have been suspended. This means that, the more money you give, the nomination will be given.

The Prime Minister also said, "BNP is collecting illegal money in the elections, it is its character, they fail in elections, there is no plan to rig the vote, I will tell people, have withdrawn their money, so people are reaching people. Take their money; and voted in boat marches. '

Sheikh Hasina said in a speech in the election rally of Rajshahi, Narail, Joypurhat and Gaevani on Thursday afternoon at Sudha Sadan's residence in Dhanmondi.

Awami League president said, "We have implemented many projects in the country, and many mega projects are under implementation. That is why, I request the people of Awami League to continue the development phase by giving voting in the boat and giving people an opportunity to re-serve." 39;

At the public meeting, Sheikh Hasina introduced people with boats and Grand Alliance candidates and exchanged differences with local leaders. Describing the importance of the organization's field survey and the importance of local popularity, he said, "Many people want to be candidates, but we have not been able to nominate them for all. However, in the previous elections, we have seen how we can win the election, Have given up. "

Sheikh Hasina said, "After the election, I can hear the second issue, after applying the badge of the boat, and after going to the polling station, the votes will be hit and the Awami League will be convicted," he said, to make people aware of BJP's "conspiracy". (BNP) has a lot of wealth. Money laundering, weapon smugglers, orphans hate money, they have earned a lot of money. BNP-Jamaat coalition is not short of money.

The Prime Minister said, 'One thing will be taken into account, they are not in the general election campaign. Because, they are busy with conspiracy, engaged in conspiracy. The leaders complained to the Election Commission every day, on the other hand they planned to fail the elections. I heard another thing, they are printing fake ballot papers. Thus they are trying to plot corruption, conspiracy. They have to protect the right to vote. "

In the Narail-2 constituency, Sheikh Hasina expressed her hope to vote for her speech in the speech of the National Amir League, in the speech of Mashrafi bin Murtaza, who is the national audi captain, whom he called & # 39; diamond piece & # 39; As described.

The unity of 88 police officers towards the leadership of the Prime Minister
88 former police officials have expressed solidarity with the government led by Sheikh Hasina. On this occasion, in a function held in Ganaphan Bhawan on the evening, the Prime Minister said that the evil people used to make torches in 2014 and 2015 are planning to create such a situation in the country before the parliamentary elections on December 30th.

The Prime Minister said, "The evil power of going ahead in London's criminal proceedings is going on with two plans, one to weaken the police force, to buy a part of the police and kill some senior police officers." He confidently said that the terrorists will not succeed.

88 former police officers, including the Police Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the Additional Superintendent of Police, expressed solidarity with the Ami league and continued to win the party's victory and to continue development in order to make a prosperous country with the war spirit of salvation, along with the ongoing development in the next elections. Agreed to.

The Prime Minister thanked the police officers for their support to the government and the party and said that they would encourage the service of officers to perform their duties with patriotism.

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