Thursday , January 21 2021

Bullets targeting Mahi B Chaudhary's residence – Beadyews24

Srinagar Police Station OC Yunch Ali said that Srinagar on Wednesday night at 9 pm
A round Bullet from outside the residence of Mahi B Chaudhary, in the village of Majidpur, in the village of Upazi.
Is done

"The shot was to be kept in the bedroom window
The glass is broken. Police recovered shells from the spot. "

OCA said that at that time Mahi B Chaudhary or his family were there
Mahi was involved in the election campaign.

Who shot after the building and who had escaped. Police investigation
Investigators are trying to find the accused, he said.

Former General Secretary of the Upazila Volunteer League from Spot
Waheedur Rahman Zithu said that the miscreants blocked the electricity and CC cameras of residents
After firing, they fled. Mahi B Chaudhary family has long been on the occasion of election
He lived with his family members in the village.

"She can shoot him to shoot him, but he is at home
There is no defense from any kind of accident. "

O.C. Yunuch Ali also said that no one was shot in the building
There are no cc cameras. It is 100 meters away from the main building. Although the Home Center in the center
Live at night

Leader of the Bidhadhara, leader of former President Baradodhaza Chaudhary, is selecting a boat symbol. Here
Other candidates are Sharsha Shah of rice
Moazzem Hussain, Sheikh Mohammed Sirajul Islam of Tilar, Emperor Dutt of Caste,
Ator Rahman of Golap Phool and Achir Rahman Khan of Happakara.

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