Friday , January 15 2021

Cabinet size will increase if needed:

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Kudre file image Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quder has said that new ministry has been set up to implement the promises made by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of the election and the cabinet size can be increased according to the needs.

The Awami League leader said, "The Prime Minister created a new ministry to implement the promise of Manifesto." Cabinet size can be increased according to needs. This is not dissatisfied with the cabinet. It will not break inside the party. & # 39;

Talking to reporters at a press conference held in the Secretariat of the Ministry on Monday, Obaidul Quder said.

The Awami League general secretary said, "The new and the new people are in the new cabinet, but the Prime Minister knows about removing senior ministers, I say that they have been excluded, they have no right to say, their responsibilities have changed. Will focus on. & # 39;

In view of the current government being in a strict condition in the field of corruption, Obaidul said more steps will be taken to bring good governance. The ministers are excluded from corruption, it is not right. There will be some challenges in the new government. But the biggest challenge to implementing the election manifesto is. And with this goal, the new cabinet

Obaidul Quder said that Sheikh Hasina's vision to form cabinet was that, now he has emphasized the formation of the ministry which has been deprived of being a minister for a long time, which has not become any minister from the districts, he has given more importance to those districts. But this cabinet can be extended in the future. Without the performance, no minister will be formed.

The Amami League general secretary said that the present Amami League is very strong and strong in Bangladesh nowadays. The team led by Sheikh Hasina is much better than before. There is no doubt in it. In all, internal democracy is performing well.

Obedul Quder said that the allies are with us in the new Cabinet. If they are not ministers they are not there, it is not. Periodic demands can be changed by cabinet. There are no partners, they will not be in the future.

In the context of the opposition, he said that the decision of the decision of the national party will be taken as the opposition party. If they play opposition then democracy will be good.

"Many experienced ministers have been excluded from the Cabinet meeting, whether there will be a problem or not." Asked about the problem, the minister said, "There are experienced people in this year's Cabinet. There is no concept that there will be no problems or problems. There are many cabinet ministers in the past, so there are experienced people in the cabinet."

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