Sunday , January 24 2021

Chittagaagong has the frying points in Dhaka

Freelancer left the field after winning the match. Photo: First album

The luck of the match has been covered towards Dhaka and sometimes cheetahoga. Dhaka was watching the victory in the match. But in the end, they lost to Robbie Freelink. Against Dhaka Dynamite, three of the last six overs of Protec cricket, took three wickets in a very good win.

It was anticipated that BPL In Dhaka will be Dynamite and the "fire" of the Vikings Vikings. But in the total collection of Dhaka poured a little water in the interests of neutral audiences. But the fight has been great. The pendulum of the match has been moved to both sides. At one stage, Dhaka was assured of winning. But, Yuvak Mohammad Shaikh, who hit three sixes in the last over, gave South Africa's all-rounder Robbie Freelink's championship a big win for the championship. The match touches Chitagong until BPL won the match by 3 wickets in the BPL match.

Chasing a target of 140 runs against Chetogol, England lost wickets at the start of the innings. After Afrahr Mohammed Shahzad, Afridi's best sahagate is to return home, then join Cameron Delawat and young Yasir Ali, putting Chagat on the road. Shakib Al Hasan's hurricane returned to Bollywood, Dellport 30 runs. Like Shakib, Yasir returned to 15 runs. Captain Mushfiqur Rahim initially suspected Dasan and later continued with the conflict with Moussadek. But Mushfiq could not score more than 22 runs. Chargett's star batsman Narin Ruble caught

Mosaic, however, is staying in one place. To return to Naim Hassan due to Shakib, it is difficult for Cheetahall Hill Trail. The season runs out to 33 runs, while the team needs more. During this time defeat was almost certainly cheetah, But the freelink account was different. Protece scored 10 runs in 10 balls with 25 runs in Dhaka. His innings was just three sixes but these three were at full time. In the last over, Chattro needed 16 runs. Sanjamul Islam, who had struck Furlink with one run of Mohar Shaikh's first ball, the next story is completely fiddling. The second six-finger is the freelink. Third in the third part of the match, in the fourth wicket, with two wickets, the other six won, when Jayata made the full captain of Chittorgon, he made a great start.

Shakib 4 wickets in 4 runs Bangladesh national team not only for any team, especially Shakib bowling is required in T20 cricket, it has shown today that left elephants Only Shakib The bowlers of Dhaka have broken today. Sunil Narain, Andre Russell, Rubel Hussein and the younger Mohar Shaikh-Chittagog were also under pressure. The fielding of the team is also as great as bowling. But Mohar ended the last overs in Dhaka.

There is no good player. Not just to the media. But compared to Silver Seekers or Rangpur Riders, it looks sharp in Chittagog. But that team is a great BPL Is there. In fact, it proves that the match-winner and utility cricketer needs more than the nominees in Twenty20 cricket. Cricket fans can trust Chetagog. They are a freelancer!

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