Saturday , January 16 2021

Danglakanya did not talk about it

Fatima Sana Sheikh's personal assistant photo with superstar Aamir Khan: stored

Falima Sana Sheikh, who has a Blockbuster & # 39; Dangle & # 39; In the role of Geeta Foget, B-Town responded. As a wreck, Nand is offering it in the film, the producers of Fatima, in the film.

Fatema Saena Sheikh recently got an offer to act in the sequel of Anurag Basu's Life in the Metro.

Confirming the news, Fatima said, "As far as I heard, she (Anurag Basu) will make a movie and I'm interested in taking me. And I am really excited for this. There is no question of what the script is like There are many directors, whose eyes can be closed in the picture. Bose, Rajkumar Hirani and Sanjay Leela Bhansali are one of them. Yes, I will do this by closing my eyes. & # 39;

Fatima also said that when she talks about acting and screenplay with superstar Aamir Khan, she has no say about her power as an actress.

Fatima said, "We talked about screenplay and character, but I never asked them (Aamir Khan) what is the obstacle in my role as an actor.

Fatima Superstar is close to Aamir Khan and his family. Aamir's expensive movie & # 39; Thagass of Hindustan & # 39; Will work in the coming year. There is a lot of buzz about the goodness in B-Town.

Fitima is often found at Aamir Khan's party. Amirp has found various photos in Fatima, along with producer-producer Kiran Rao and her daughter Ira. But B-Taun's debate is spread, Aamir has a relationship with him. But Fatima has dismissed all these news.

Recently, the well-known entertainment media of India asked Fatima to discuss the relationship with Bollywood actor Amir Khan. He replied, "It's really awful. My mother watched this on TV. The next day, the mother showed me and said, 'Your picture has come.' & # 39; What do I say, & # 39; in the title See what's written. & # 39; I'm really worried. It seemed that this thing should be cleaned up. "

However, there is nothing to be happy about the relationship with Aamir Khan. He said, "I do not even need to explain it because I do not mind what people said, when people say that they are done, they will say that they do not affect me. I know that his work is about him, but I hope he will sleep well.

Fatima's second film, 'Thagas of Hindustan', was released this year. This picture is based on a history-based action-oriented thriller, which is disappointed by the box office collection. Source: India Today

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