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Do not be old in the deathbed, the BCS cadre-intricate children are not nearby

Mridula Saha under the hospital treatment Photo: Collected

A 80-year-old woman is alone in a house in the village. BCS cadres Higher educated and wealthy boys have their own home with a wife. Girls have higher degrees in the university, the husband's house But the mother did not have any place. In a small house in the house of a starving mother of half-nakedness and negligent death mother There is no one to see.

On Tuesday afternoon, at a house in the house, the villagers thought that the old woman was dead, neighbors reported to the police. Later, the police rescued and admitted the hospital, Mridula Saha. Feni's social voluntary organization 'Aas' has taken the responsibility to look after the mother. The Superintendent of Police has promised to take action against such inhuman cases, the Superintendent of Police said.

The police said, in the abandoned room of the house of Feni municipality in Madhupur area, a sick old woman, Mridul Saha. Neighbors told the police station on Tuesday afternoon that they were dead. Later, the police came to see him alive by breaking the door of the house. He was rescued and admitted to the district sadar hospital. The doctor said that he suffered from old-age diseases.

Feni Civil Surgeon Hasan Shahriar Kabir said, he is very sick. Mentally upset. We give all of our money.

Along with treatment, he needs Aponjon's love. But in this age, people of love are not nearby. Locals said, the elderly mother is alone in the house of Madhupur for 4 years. His son Bappi Saha and his sister Saha are owners of rice left in the city of Feni.

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They live in another house with their wives and children. Another son named Sushanta Saha, additional deputy director of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension of Cox's Bazar, Cox's Bazar. Sarwari Saha and Sumi Saha, who passed from Chittagong University, were in the in-laws house in Dhaka. Even after having 'established' five children, the old woman was alone in her house, Mridul Saha. A social organization, Civil Surgeon and District Police took responsibility for its medical care and care.

Feni police super SM told that the investigation of the negligence of the elderly mother and taking necessary action. Jahangir Alam Sarkar He said, from the very beginning of the incident, it can be said after the investigation. However, it seems that the family members are not doing the right thing for him.

Haripada Saha, the mother of the five children, Mridul Saha, died in 1983.

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