Friday , May 7 2021

Egypt actress faces trial on dress

An Egyptian actress will face trial next month by wearing a strategic dress in the Cairo International Film Festival, which showed her feet, as judicial sources said on Saturday.

Raniya Youssef appeared on the closing session of the event wearing a black classe dress on Thursday, in which some critics described it as a swimsuit.

This led to two lawyers complaining of allegations against her guilty actress, if she was accused, she could be jailed for five years.

The first legal case was filed by lawyer Amro Abdelsalam and the second person was filed by Samir Sabari, the second lawyer was known for taking celebrities in court.

Sabri told AFP News Agency that Yusuf's appearance "does not meet social values, traditions and ethics and therefore weakens festivals and especially Egyptian women's prestige"

Their trial will begin on January 12.

The 44-year-old star's picture had split up the social media users, some criticized it and others saved Joseph's right to wear what he wanted.

Yusuf later "apologized" by its "apologies" (people) to his official Twitter account.

She said, "When I chose to wear this dress, I might be able to make a wrong calculation. It was the first time I wore and I did not know that she would be so angry."

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