Monday , March 20 2023

Facebook likes to like love


Justin Rosenstein, who likes Facebook post, removed this feature from his phone. But in today's expectations, among young people, disappointment is growing.

According to psychologists of the SSKM Institute of Psychology, this is a behavioral strain. Like addiction, Facebook combines using the withdrawal syndrome. Psychologist should seek help if the level of addiction is very high.

However, it is important to emphasize the importance of other things at the beginning of social networking sites. Play with a child, spend time, and avoid addiction when cooking.

According to psychiatrists, in most cases, behind this addiction is just like attracting the attention of others or getting someone's approval.

Psychologists say that some signs can help you understand the symptoms of addiction. Facebook has no access, notice notification notice, enthusiastic, often tagged, hide time for Facebook, friend's friend request, sleep in the middle of the night, Facebook etc.

Facebook adds more addiction to emotions. It also shows backbt, headaches and other physical problems.

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