Monday , September 27 2021

Helmet invaders are members of the BCL: Mirza Fakrul

Published: November 14, 018, 23:50

The BNP says about nine leaders and workers in police suicide case

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakrul Islam Aligir joined the Emergency Press Conference at Gulshan in the office of the BNP chairperson on Wednesday (November 14).

He said, "When the police did not come out of the way and the workers were peaceful, the police suddenly started to defend themselves, and then the tears broke out and shot them down, and many of the leaders and workers were injured and the police immediately burned.

See these pictures. Some people wearing a helmet started attacking the vehicle. We learned that people wearing helmet are from BCL. We found unsupported news. Today's attack is entirely planned. We think this event is planned in a planned manner. & # 39;

Mirza Fakrul Islam said, "The aim of this incident is to blame the election program and to fight elections." This attack is not only attacking BNP leaders and workers but an attack on democracy that is an attack on fair elections. "

The opposition is participating in the election while declaring the election schedule. Our leaders and activists are attacking the election. The attack was directly attacked by the government electoral commission.

The accused have been arrested in connection with the incident. A group of former chieftains of BGR, Helalimasam Lalu, village secretary Anees Ujaman Khan Babu and Khulla district BNP general secretary Ameer Riza Khan were arrested.

"We do not see it, we have to tell the Election Commission that these cases should be withdrawn and I should tell the police that they will be arrested soon or we will not hesitate to review our decision on this election, which is the responsibility of the entire election commission and the government."

Mirza Fakrul Islam said. Following the incident, the government had filed a special grievance to attack the Standing Committee member Mirza Abbas. This is not an isolated incident. This is a kind of project.

Attacking BNP and attacking BNP are planning to attack BNP by attacking the army. The project has been prepared to cover the planned planning of the project today. We have attacked the police and talked about helmets that sparkled in cars.

BNP Secretary-General said in order to prevent students' helmet troops attack.
Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamgir demanded the withdrawal of the Election Commission's recommendations to stop the Code of Conduct from the Election Commission.

At least 4,500 participated in the Awami League nomination list last month. Government organizations in Gandhawan have misused the Prime Minister's post and violated the code of conduct by using government facilities.
"We want the Election Commission to take any action."

Standing Committee members Khander Moserf Hussain, Maudood Ahmed, Jameeruddin Govt, Gaeshehwar Chandra Roy, Abdul Moin Khan, Nasrul Islam Khan and Ameer Khasru Mahmood Chaudhary also participated in the press conference.

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