Tuesday , January 31 2023

Hijackers of misleading guides by hacking adolescents in Satkhira


Bloody Sehen was killed by the tragedies. Photo: Collected Battery-operated vans were purchased with a loan by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), father family expenses, repayment of loans and funding of child education was the sole property, and operated father and teenager on the van, but on Friday misleaders led to serious injuries. .

The incident took place at the police station in Patna district of Satkhira. Shahin, 14, is a student of Ninth standard in Malekalakar Secondary School, son of Hyder Ali of Manglakot village, present at Keshbpur in Jessore.

According to Shahin's family and local sources, Kishor Shahin, who came out in the morning with a battery powered van, was released every day. In the afternoon, some passenger trains leased their vans. Shahin was going to Satkhera's neighborhood in Patkeligatta Thana. On the way, sad people established Shahin's van in front of a jute shop in Dhanadi area. At that time the wicked threw the head of Shahin and escaped with Van. Shahin became unconscious by injury and bleeding. After consciousness came back, she started crying, she started crying. Locals rescued them and informed them at Satkhera's Patkelgita police station.

Police Station Officer-in-charge Rezaul Hussein said that after receiving information from the residents, Shihin was rescued. For their treatment, 250 open beds were hospitalized. Police have run red to arrest people involved in the incident. Shahin has been taken from Dhaka to Dhaka for better treatment on Saturday evening.

OC Rezaul further said that Shahin's father, Hyder Ali, had filed a case against some unknown people on Saturday.

Shahan's father, Hyder Ali, said that he has nothing but homeland. He recently bought a van with a loan from an NGO. Parents run the van and run the family. Now the risk of the existence of the child is at stake.

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