Friday , March 5 2021

In the lives of all people: Abdul Avwal (Jessore Deputy Commissioner)

Abdul Halim, son of Farmer Hashim Ali's son in the Panzpardia village of Jessore Sadar Upazila, MLS of London. On Wednesday, Abdul Halim went to Sharche Bazaar and crossed the motorcycle with Benapole. He suffered headache due to acute headache, locals rescued him and entered the respiratory health complex. Pulk Kumar Mandal, Executive Officer of Sharasa Subisala, was admitted to Jessore Hospital in 250m hospital.

After receiving information on the death of Abdul Haleem, the DCC Commissioner, Abdul Avwal, said he was investigating the case. Need to transfer to Dhaka fast. However, patients have an ambulance to move to the district hospital. The final Air Force is a special helicopter for the IAF. But it is impossible for him to carry him in Dhaka.

In this situation, deputy commissioner Abdul Halim was taken over. Jessore was taken to CMMS on that night. There he was taken to ICU. Various inspections were performed using CT scan, and bleeding was removed. On Thursday afternoon, with the help of a special medical team, the helicopter deputy commissioner of Dhaka handed over a helicopter to Dhaka Central Jail. Now he needs emergency surgery. But doctors are waiting for physical strength.

NHC Pritam Shah said if the deputy commissioner did not take action correctly till Danka CMH Dhaka could not reach CHC. Doctors at the Jessore CMA say the CMH will arrive late by about half an hour. Halim's condition is still anxious. That's why he wanted to seek blessings for Haleem.

Nazir Habibur Rehman Habib, a Nazat branch in Jesse's Collector, said, "No one has heard that a CCR was done for Halim. But all are helpless as the helicopters are sent to Dhaka. Now they are praying for Hallem. May Allah bless him!

After hearing the news about the accident, Deputy Commissioner Abdul Awwal said, like a sick one, as one of the members of the family is sick. Nobody at all does one thing, the first is human life. He also guarded the responsibility of the Savior from his place.

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