Saturday , March 6 2021

Maulana Languagei's 42rd Anniversary Anniversary was organized … – 704667 | Calere Canto

Maulana Abdul Hameed Khan Bashani's 42rd anniversary on Saturday. The annual day of founder of the Awami Muslim League has taken place in Dhaka, Dhaka, Thangal.

Maulana Bhanani, vice-chancellor of Mangala Bashani University will be inaugurated by Vasan's tomb in Thanhal on Saturday morning. MD Alauddin
Other events are Qur'an Khani, Do, Milad Mahfil, Ganabh, Discussion Meeting and Bhaskani Mela. Maulana Bhashini Science and Technology University and Maulana Basani Foundation have organized special programs.

Born on December 12, 1880, Maulana Bhasani was born in Dhanaaga village of Sirajganj. He joined politics in organizational politics, including Congress, Muslim League, Awami Muslim League, Awami League and United Front. He was the president of the Muslim League in the Bengal-Assam Province.

Moreover, Bhajati's role in Assam in the last thirty-thirty years of the past century in Assam is unforgettable. In Kangimari, held in 1957 in Kangmeri, which was presented by Bangladesh politics in his initiative,

In addition, he served as an adviser to the All-Party War Committee in the Battle of Bangladesh Liberation. After Independence, Freak was released by Lang Mawr. He was diagnosed with PG Hospital at Dhaka on November 17, 1976.

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