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'Mirza Fakhrul is a gentleman, good as a man'

Staff Reporter | 22 January 2015, Tuesday, 5:59

Both are Secretary-General. One of the opposition parties from the ruling party and the opposition BNP. Both the counter and counter-counter statements are given in the politics of the metro lecture. But talking about personal matters is usually not seen by anyone. Today broke the tradition of obayadul kader talked about Mirza Fakhrul Islam.
Obaidul Quader said that he (Alamgir Al-Fakhrul) is a good man, without a man as well. If he has fulfilled the party's demand, BNP will look at it.

In reply to a question of journalist at the meeting of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTC) head office in Motijheel at noon, Obaidul Quader has commented on this.

Obaidul Quader said, "He is a party, so much to say about the party." He did not speak like BNP's representative.

I did not hear dirty words in the face of Mirza Fakhrul Islam. '
Asked to remove Mirza Fakhrul Islam from his post, he said, "On that day, we gave a political statement on that day," said Obaidul Quader. Whether the general secretary will not change the post, it is BNP's matter. There is no need to break the nose of the Awami League here. It was my counter-political statement. If I take the side of Fakhrul, he will suffer in person.

When asked about BNP's reaction to the remarks of the BNP, Awami League general secretary said that if the BNP is seen after the election, it seems like the carriage of artists stuck in artist Zainul's mud. It's stuck in the mud, it's the fault of the mud. There is no indication or indication of the BNP's current conversation, misguided behavior.

Obaidul Quader said, "We can hear the incomprehensible silence of the miserable failure of the BNP secretary-general. During this government's tenure, the BNP won the five city corporation elections. They won the last Sylhet. Now the reason why BNP will not participate, it is their case. The right to take part in the election, if they do not apply to the right, then it is their decision. Do you remember the 1970 election? He also participated in the election of Bangabandhu in the legal frame. Today, if we were in the position of the BNP, we would take part in all the elections. I did not boycott any election. '

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