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Mushfire play is a big thing


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Akram: We have test locations and we try to increase the range. But here is the time of the time. Soon after the series (Windies) you see this but BPL Will start. With the end of BPL, we will go to New Zealand. We have to do everything by thinking and doing everything. But we are going to try. It will grow slowly (match number). Previously the increase in comparison will move forward in the future. & # 39;

Continuous cricket series in the country The series against Zimbabwe has started after the end of the series against the West Indies. There are also various discussions outside of cricket. One of the topics of discussion is to participate in the nationally organized elections of one-day captain Mashrafe N. Murtaza. There is a lot of communication between the side and its politics and politics. Akram Khan, chairman of the former captain and Cricket Management Department of BCB, has highlighted his views on the media. The main part of their words is presented-

Q: How to play the mashrafe's audio series?
Akram: If I give Mashraf entire time of the series, then I am speaking on behalf of cricket, then we have no problem. And he is a very experienced player. So these cricketers accept themselves in any condition from the mental and physical side. We are not worried about it, and if we can play it is a big thing for us.
Q: What is your opinion about Musharraf's selection?
Akram: I said, if he is regular in practice then we have no problem. And the rest is due to her personal affair. How it follows is completely its own thing.
Q: A 13-member team in the second test?
Akram: Coming from the team selectors. 13 People are given what we play in the house. In this case, there will be an external player. Here is the BCL. We want those who are less likely to play in BCL matches. It is the top tournament in Bangladesh. So if playing here and raising a good opportunity can be good for that. We want to keep at least one team and the rest can play in BCL.
Defense: Do the judicial testing formula in Dhaka be implemented?
Akram: It is not right at the moment. We still have two days. We are thinking. And what has happened is that spinners have not played well, but our batsmen have done well with them. Momulul, Riyad, Shakib did well. Then the lower order batsmen is up. Indeed, performance as a team is more important. If you have any wickets, if the team plays well and wins, then the team's mentality is good. And most importantly, it is the country's first victory against ours. This morality makes us very strong. And since we are likely to win the series, we will try to give the best team. Wicket spinning can also be a fast bowler.
Q: What do you think about the first two months of the two months when Saddam plays in Dhaka?
Akram: If the selectors had asked this question then it would have been better. But since then we have endured some cricketers and our young cricketers will also get a chance.
Q: Worrying about the opening?
Akram: Our important player (Tamim) is now in trouble. But the people who play it is a great opportunity for them. They can play some matches or get runs in some matches. If you can run continuously, it is also good for the team, it is also good for the players.
Q: In the future, the idea of ​​planning a series of three Tests?

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