Wednesday , June 23 2021

Narendra Modi nominates Modi's nomination papers – Somariaker

The national team's ODI captain Mishreeb bin Morta filed for nominations today.

The national newspaper, which has declared that he will not be nominated for a seat in Dhaka, will be nominated by cricketer Mashraf bin Moratasa.

Party leaders say party leaders will not get a party nomination if they have twice chosen in the 11 parliamentary elections. He was previously a leader of the Awami League's Associate Association. Basically, the Party's central leader is not nominated due to differences between the Awami League factions.

Recently, there were two murders in a party dispute in his constituency. The nominee for the National Award will be nominated by Maafoff bin Moratasa.

Sheikh Hafezar Rehman, member of the Workers' Party and MPs, will be deprived of the nomination of Mayuraf bin Moratasa from the Narayi-II seat from Awami League. "Amali League general secretary Obael Khader said.

If nominated by Narayan's Mrs. bin Moratasa, he will not be able to nominate candidates in the constituency, he said. In addition, there is no question that the 14-year-old alliance was excluded. If a person's position is wrong, that is different. & # 39;

If the question is now asked not to worry about their neglect, Mashraf will not get a chance to choose Naro. Dhaka Dhaka and cricketer Mashreef bin Moratasa can be nominated for a seat.

On November 11, the country's Cricket Captain Mishreeb bin Moradasa has claimed that he bought the Awami League nomination for the 11th Lok Sabha election. Prior to the nomination, Mashreib bin Moratasa met Ganapani with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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