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Nazmul Huda Jail – Beadyews24

Dhaka special court judge HM Raheel Imran granted bail
The former BAP leader ordered Huda to be sent to jail.

Najmul Huda was seven years old to get bribe of 2.4 crore in this case
The lower court was sentenced. In 2007, the High Court reduced its sentence to four years in prison

A complete copy of the High Court judgment on November 19 last year before the election
The Supreme Court expresses 45 days of Nazmul Huda surrender before the court
Called to do

ACC lawyer Morsherf Hussain Kajale bdnews24, Dr.
"In this case, the Supreme Court ordered Nazmul Huda to surrender in the lower court.
Today he appeared before surrender and should bail out. The judge refused his bail application
Ordered to send him to jail. "

Khaleda Zia's twice-time minister Najmul Huda BAP Standing Committee
Was a member. After leaving BNP, he formed the first party-owned BNF
After losing, he formed the subterranean BNP.

Joining the alliance under the leadership of Awami League, it is independent of Dhaka-17 constituency
Eleven parliamentary candidates have been defeated as candidates.

During the caretaker government period controlled by the army
On March 21, 2007, Deputy Director of Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Sharif Islam Dhanamandi
Police filed the case with the police.

The case was charged, the weekly magazine
& # 39; News Indra & # 39; For, a person named Mir Jahur Hussain has $ 2.4 million from him
Nazrul Huda and his wife Sigma Huda took bribe.

In a special judge's court on 27th August 2007
In this case, Nazmul Huda was fined seven years and fined 25 crores. As well
His wife Sigma Hooda was sentenced to three years' imprisonment.

Nazmul Huda and Sigma Hooda gave the verdict
On March 20, 2011, the High Court fired him.

State and ACC appeal against judgment
If both the applications are filed, the hearing of the High Court is on December 1, 2014
This ruling has been canceled and ordered to be rebuilt.

Later, in the case of re-trial of the case in 2017
On 8 November, the High Court's judgment rejected seven years of imprisonment for seven years and sentenced him to four years in prison.

After the High Court's surrender, the lower court surrenders
Without applying the appeal against the High Court, the Appeal Department requested permission
Nazmul Huda, but on January 7, 2014, the application was canceled
Offers an appeal section

The observation of the High Court ruling says, "When a person
When it goes to the top and misuses power, corruption is the country's economy, national interest
And damages the image. "

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