Thursday , January 28 2021

New vocabulary in LRB!

In the winter season, the busy schedule of musical groups increased. In the last few decades, the teams which are the busiest time in this period, LRB is one of them. Not only in the country, they also had to serve outside the country.

The situation is different. Founded three months ago, LRB founder and well-known guitarist Ayub Bachhu left the earth. His sudden death stopped activities of LRB But the team will be new again recently. Again, LRB will play on stage from the stage, listen to the songs of Ayub Bachu. A new vocalist named Ayub Bachu will take the place of drummer romle for a long time. In relation to the first light, the senior member of LRB, manager and sound engineer Shamim Ahmad confirmed this.

In the next three months, LRB is going on stage again, by lowering the pain of losing power to Ayub. On January 22, they will be on their way through an event at the Palace Palace Hotel. Shamim Ahmad said, "Many people are thinking, why is real Ayub is in place of Bachchu?" LRB fans request that you never think of this, never get the place of Bachchu's brother, we will take the fans with their love and care team. One of our teammates, Romel, will play drums as well as playing drums. "He said that singing Romel drums often I would not be able to sing the song as well. Soon join the new artist team.

The sudden death of Abu Bachu in Lub is a serious problem. The worry about how the team will act on its own. It was heard that Ayub Bachu's son Tajwa might have participated in the team. But it's not happening right now. The team also asked to find LRB vocals by talent search competition. But there is no sign of the program yet.

When this was reminded, Sham Ahmed said, "We are still in that plan." To find LRB vocabulary through talent research research, the sponsor organization needs cooperation. We have not found any company yet, until I start it. Romle will play drums and act as a velocity.

LRB's current lineup includes Rowell (vocals and drums), Swapan (base guitar), Masood (lead guitar) and Shamim (sound engineer). Lead guitarist Masood is seen as an LRB actor (Bevvokal) with Iub Bachu at different stage shows. Drama Romel will sing the songs of LRB which will start a new year in the new year. The group also fought the same way Also join the new drum? Shamim replied, 'No. The drum will be in Rome.

Guitar Wizard Ayub Bachu died on 18 October last year. Some concerts in his memory in different districts of the country. Three members of LRB and son of Abu Bachu, Tajru, took part in some of them. Other band artists also took part in many concerts. But the new chapter of LRB starting from Sylhet on 22 January

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