Tuesday , January 19 2021

NID's & # 39; Down & # 39; When the server & # 39; up & # 39; Will you?

Symbolic picture Election Commission reserves the information of 42 million voters in 10 million who have been crippled on January 10. . National identity (enaaidi) has stopped all services related to registration. This is the day after the incident, one or two days penalty. But will not be right.

However, Election Commissioner Helaldeen Ahmed said, the server may be down, it may be. Will be backed up again.

The Election Commission (EC) on Thursday said it would be okay tomorrow. But people who suffer from them do not care about them.

The nationally declared server will be closed for a few days, or the operation of providing NID related services will be temporarily closed – it was important to know the public to report about it. But no such notice has been given from EC or their National Identification Registration Department. Since January 10, thousands of people across the country are harassed every day.

National identity card registration number 105 victims complain that the phone does not receive the correct response by phone this number.

Today, in Agargaon, hundreds of people settled in Aggada National Identification Registration Department, who stood by the state's anger and depression. One of them came from Manikganj in the nearby district of Dilip Kumar. He has lost NID. According to the rules, the common diary has been deposited in the police station and the new cards have been deposited with the bank for withdrawal.
Dilip Kumar said, 'NID needs urgently. So I came to Dhaka twice a week. If the notice was given that the service was now closed, it would have been harassed.

Asked, EC Secretary-General Helaladin Ahmed said, "I do not have the latest information about the server's progress, so I will not talk about this. The server can be down at any time. It will be back.

Musami Akhtar came from Mirpur in Dhaka. He said that his father had died. He used to do government jobs. Now, to get the benefits from the government, the information needs to be updated, but it is not happening.
According to the EC Secretariat, their existing servers were purchased from Oracle in 2009. So Oracle provides maintenance services to the server. Through this server EC provides services to more than 5,000 people across the country.

It is also known that the 10-year server does not work beforehand. Apart from this, after saving information of 10 crore 42 lakh voters, there is now enough room for this server. This device was broken on January 10th. After uploading information to the information, half of the work was lost. Registration of all types of NID including new voter, voter information revision and losing NID is closed. However, the process of providing financial and telecommunications services to 103 other companies is still going on.

The EC Secretariat officials today tend to hold a kind of hatred on the whole issue. When the attention of election commissioner Shahadat Hussain Chaudhary was drawn, he said that the server was purchased in 2009. 10 years ago does not work like that before. New server must be set up.
Shahadat Hussain Chaudhary refused to comment further.

Joint Secretary of the EC Secretariat and the Registration Department official Abdul Bat refused to talk about this matter initially. After obtaining secretary's permission, he said that the server is not working properly due to the era. To get rid of mechanical errors, services were not available properly from Oracle. The registration service is closed for that reason.

When asked why a public notice was not issued to stop public harassment, Abdul Bat said, "When it was okay, it was not sure." So no notice has been issued. He said, to increase space on the server, update the existing server and buy a newer server. For this reason, project proposals will soon be sent to the government.

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