Monday , May 17 2021

Obedul Qudre has no home

Naukali-5 seats in the eleven parliamentary elections, nomination of candidate Candidate Obadul Quder's wife lives in the house. In addition, he used his mobile phone as a gift. This information was given by the General Secretary of the Awami League in the affidavit submitted by the Election Commission.
In Uttara Estate, 50 lakh 79 thousand 600 rupees and 60 percent non-agricultural land has 60 million non-agricultural land as parental property. Obdul
Kadre is not a home / apartment owner. According to his affidavit, his wife has 1,550 sq ft worth 16 lakh 40 thousand rupees. As its annual source of income, income from rental and house rent is 13 lakh 68 thousand, income from 12 lakh 60 thousand jobs and 4 lakh 89 thousand 651 books. It has a revenue of 31 lakh 17 thousand 651 rupees.
According to the affidavit, his wife's house and shop rent is 2,64,000, 436, 3 lakh 93 thousand and 260 rupees, and from other areas 3 lakh 96 thousand 519 rupees.
Besides, its own cash is Rs. 55 thousand rupees. In the bank and financial institutions, 83 lakh 58 thousand 742 deposits have been deposited in various stock papers or permanent deposits, including postal, savings certificates, 1 crore 24 lakh 21 thousand 278 rupees. Kudre used personalized cars of 77 lakh 50 thousand rupees. There is a mobile phone available as a gift. 25 gold jewelry worth 50,000 rupees. In addition, his own name is 8 lakh 75 thousand rupees.
At that moment, Obedul Quder has a cash amount of Rs 50,000 for his wife. The amount in banks and financial institutions is 26 lakh 34 thousand 611. Investment in various stock papers or permanent deposits, including postal, savings certificates, one lakh of rupees 55 lakh 9 845 and Rs. 20 lakh. Besides, he has Rs 12,000 phone and furniture worth Rs one lakh.

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