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Oscar Nomination 2019: List of Nominations for Oscar Nomination 2019 – Oscar Nominations 2019: Oscar nomination for some pictures … Take a look

Digital Desk at this time: Many lovers of the year have watched movie lovers globally in the Oscars nomination list. In 2019, the 91st Academy Awards will be held on 24 February. A complete list of nominations published just a month ago

Take a look at some of the world's movies, actors and crafts in this list.

Best Paintings

Black Panther, Black Clansman, Bohemian Rapids, The Favorite, Green Book, Roma, A Star is Born, Vice,

Best Actress

Yelitza Apesio for the romance photo, Glenn Close for the Wife, Oliva Coleman for the Favorite Photo, Melissa McCarthy for Lady Gaga, Can Ever Forgive Me For A Star Is Born.

Best Actor

Christian Bell for Vice Photo, Bradley Cooper Born Film for A Star, Ramnie Mellak for Bohemian Rapids, at Martin Get Willem Dufou, Vigo Mortensen for Green Book Photo

Best Director

Spike Lee for Black Clansman Photo, Powell Palicowski for Cold War Photo, Lenny's Jevers for Favorite Photo, Alphonse Kuvan for Roma Photo, Adam Mikey for Vice Photo

Best Supporting Actor

Adm's Driver Photo Album, for Black Clansman

Best Supporting Actress

Ami Adams for Vice Image, Marina for Roma Movie, Tabira, Regina King for Ifof Street Cad Talk, Emma Stone for Best Picture and Rachel Viez.

Adapted Screenplay

Boulder of Borgas Scaggas, Black Clansman, Can You Ever Forgive Me, If Children's Street Kadal Talk, and Star Is Born

Original Screenplay

Dear, First Reform, Green Book, Roma, Vice

Best filming

Cold War, The Future, Never Look Away, Roma, is a star star.

Product Design

Black Panther, The Favorites, First Man, Mary Poppy Return, Roma

Costume Design

Ballad of Buster Scaggas, Black Panther, The Dear, Mary Poppy Returns, Mary Poppy Returns, Mary Quinn of the Scots.

Film editing

Black Clansman, Bohemian Rapids, The Favorites, Green Book, Vice

Best Foreign Photo

Kaplan, Cold War, Our Look Away, Roma, Shoplifter

Documentary Features

Free Solo, Hell County, Gap Mind, Fathers and Suns Off, RGB

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