Friday , January 22 2021

Otherwise Shahrukh

Shahrukh got an opportunity to play a different role than before. Produced by Tajul Kamarul, the movie & # 39; Bella Abella & # 39; Rabindranath Tagore's & # 39; Intermediate & # 39; Based on the story. The central character of this movie is & # 39; Her Beautiful & # 39; Is there. And Shah Rukh acted in this role. Meanwhile, this actress has participated in various scenes of the film. Producer Tajru Kamrul said that Shahrukh has done her best & # 39; Has played one of the best roles in the role. Already the film's work is almost complete. About acting, Shahruen said that the story of Rabindranath Tagore & # 39; Bella Abella & # 39; Has been created with In this movie, I'm a wonderful & # 39; I'm playing Thanks so much for the fresh Kamrul with great care to make the film. Because there are many challenges to making films about such stories. Tajrul Kamrul is working patiently for the film. I & # 39; Beautiful & # 39; Acting very honestly to publish the character. This type of movie has not been able to see viewers for a long time. I'm pretty optimistic about the movie. Raza Mubarak & # 39; Bella Abella & # 39; Wrote a dialogue about the movie. After the election of director Tajul Kamarul will be shooting again on January 25. Because in this election, he has been elected as Executive Executive Member of the Gulzar-Khokan panel.

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