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Party opponents are dangerous because of the opposition

After being sworn in as a member of parliament and after being sworn in as a member of the majority party cabinet, they should be given full responsibility. According to the Constitution, & # 39; I am acting like a law, without fear or kindness, affection or violence, like a law. & # 39; Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Saturday that, I have taken the responsibility, formed the government, our government will work for everyone.

There will not be any group views. Every citizen of the country is important to us. Government will serve them all. The government will work for those who have voted or not given.

Expectation of the People's Government If everyone in the nation does not receive government protection for their identity and religion-type identity, then where will they go?

A solitary poet said, the poems are very different. Not only poetry, there are many things in the world. There are many types of elections in the democratic country. In the same country too at different times In any election, if people vote more than the voters in the center, it is also known as an election. The milk is mixed with milk in as little as the amount of milk, the Secretary-General has held a press conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Friday. In response to the journalist's inquiry, Secretary General Spokesperson Stephen Dujari said in the middle language that on 30 December, Bangladesh's general elections are not complete or defective. Other reputable foreign organizations did not comment well. It is common to criticize the defeated parties' election. There is nothing special about it, what most people think, it is important.

In the last elections, even after dramatization, many of the country's big and medium teams participate in the party government. It is important. Nevertheless, whether the election has been participatory or not, it is more important that people have a government stake. All guest guests at banquet ceremonies. After eating them somebody, nana, kebab, biryani, chicken masam, royal jars, and some thin pomegranate cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, they went home to remove their face and said, 'I have eaten.' & # 39; Eat it and eat it. In the last elections, the situation of opposition candidates is similar. They took part, but did not get the receipt. Those who were in power in the past, now in opposition, they do many indeterminate crimes. There is no reason to think about the faith of the people. They did not attempt to purify themselves by self-criticism. They enjoy the result of their sins. But in the democratic system, everyone gets the chance to get public support. No one can be deprived of it.

In order to maintain the continuity of development, the ruling party would have won more than half of the seats, if all the opposition parties were given only a few hundred or less seats, the progress of Bangladesh could be removed from highway to democracy. The government party will get the most benefit. Then there was no charge against opposition parties. The international community does not have the tools to appreciate us. It is very humiliating by Bangladesh's name by cutting down democracy in the name of Bangladesh. Although there is no democracy in Bangladesh, it does not matter to anyone in the world.

It may be a pleasure to remove the inefficient opposition, but the fear of the fear of the opponents of their own party can not be removed. Opposition leaders criticize their decisive remarks, which identify the internal enemies of the party, they are like green snakes inside the grass. Due to lack of passing in the elections, many Awami League nominees were nominated for this election. Many of them are dedicated and devoted to the team. Apart from them, numerous unfair entitlements for unknown reasons robbed them of victory. There are not many teams in ten years. They are dissatisfied. Extreme anger inside

In the past, it is seen that the opposition party has never been able to beat the Awami League, it is at the party. It was done in 1954-55, it was done in 2006-07, 1974-75. They are not affiliated with the Awami League, but they do not want Sheikh Hasina's unfortunate government, they are in danger from party leaders and activists. The winners expect that people behave in moderation. It is one thing to criticize the opponent and there is another thing to insult if there is no opposition party in Parliament, then what is the need to establish an opposition party? Why do foreigners become entangled in our activities and conversations?

Management is not easy in countries with solid population. Places are few, people are increasingly educated unemployed numbers are increasing every day. They do not sit to watch the game. They want to work. Work is not just government jobs. If a sustainable private sector develops, they can get jobs. Otherwise, there is no future for voters for the first time. Good understanding from depressed people can not be expected. There may be anger among many people, which can disrupt society. It's not good for the government and people.

As long as everything seems to be running smoothly, the situation is unclear. In such situations, there is no need to immediately establish a good intentional decision of a healthy head. Bangladesh passes through a strained rope. If the feet fades away a little, lose it.

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