Wednesday , January 27 2021

People have lost trust in the judiciary: Mirza … – 717102 | Cleric Knights

BJP's Secretary General Miza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that people have lost faith in the judiciary on the issue of the cancellation of candidature from the High Court.

In a press briefing at the BNP chairperson's office in Gulshan, in the morning, Mirza Fakhrul says these things.

Recently, the High Court has ordered the cancellation of membership of some BNP candidates. In addition to canceling candidacy of some candidates, the Election Commission has asked the Election Commission to nominate an alternative candidate. Fakhrul expresses anger over this issue.

Mirza Fakhrul states that the judiciary is canceling the candidacy, how can I tell it? Who will decide who will be my party candidate, how does the court fix this question? Fakhrul

He said that after the announcement of the schedule, the court will not be able to postpone the candidature. This behavior of the court is not neutral. It proves that the field of electoral commissions is not true in the playing field, it is not right.

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