Saturday , February 4 2023

Priyanka was drowning in water, Nike !: – 785453 | Kendra Kantho


Priyanka and Nick have long been married. But still do not have honeymoon rays. Often they spend their holidays together and now, going on vacation, Priyanka was in a boat with a boat. Nick, however, took it with extraordinary skill.

Priyanka and Nick are in Paris on the occasion of marriage of Nick Jones's brother Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Sophie Turner. There, all were riding in the boat. Priyanka was standing behind the railing. Nick stood at his left. Suddenly, the boat grows slightly in the blow. And this did not help the girl to cope with herself, she was falling backward, behind Priyanka.

At the same time Nikkei arrested him. After this incident, there was a humorous roll in between boats. Priyanka is knocking and laughing with Nick. Nicon praised everyone in the neighborhood.

Source: The Wall.

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