Friday , May 7 2021

Rakhi will sit on wedding clothes without marriage

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After Deep-Bir's wedding, nowadays, entertainment entertainment world is on the road to Sawant. On December 31, he & # 39; s Internet sensation & # 39; Deepak will be associated with the artist. I prefer to be in the center of the debate. And now the center of the wedding has started mixing discussions with the news of the five Phoenix mix. Prior to this, the director shared the Virgo Verification Certificate of Rakhi in Instagram. She knew that Rakhi and Deepak are completely naked or have to sit on a wedding! From Rakhi's Instagram post, it is known that, Deepak and she will marry with Naked. The poor people of Cambodia and Somalia will not help in buying a wedding dress. After such a strange announcement, post-social media has become viral. Now, on December 31, in Los Angeles, whether Deepak-Rakha appears in a wedding dress.

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