Monday , May 17 2021

Return the empire back: Microsoft returned to the top of the world

After an extraordinary recovery to close the gap with Apple, Microsoft has returned to the top of the technology world, some three years have been transformed by chief executive Sach Nadella into a one time leader's conversion.

Microsoft reclaimed its title as the world's most valued company, when it closed on Friday for the first time since the first time Apple marketed for the first time since 2010, this week earlier, shortly after the iPhone manufacturer's smallest movements.

Closing on Friday, Microsoft's market capitalization was $ 851.2 billion, which is three times the value since Nadeela took the lead in early 2014.

Apple's valuation went up to 847.4 billion dollars, which has fallen by nearly 20 percent in the past eight weeks. Amazon is not behind ($ 826 billion) and Google's original alphabet ($ 763 billion).

In the 1990s, Microsoft ranked Crown as the top tech company and the most valuable company because it operated the revolution in its personal computers with its computer operating system.

But in recent years, after a spectacular failure in mobile computing, it led to blurry, while Apple, Google and Amazon grew their fortunes.

Analysts say that the will of adventure, diversification and failure have contributed to the uplift of Microsoft. Which Gold, J. The technology analyst with Gold Associates said that "Microsoft is just firing on all cylinders."

"Truth is doing an excellent job to stay away from dead-end areas and to bring newness."

Microsoft still receives significant revenue from Windows, the software that powers most PCs.

But he has leveraged the business customers to bring them to the cloud computing platform, called an azure, and has shared a steady income from both office software suites for both its customers and businesses.

"Azur is really big for Microsoft," said Gold.

For companies that already use Microsoft Systems for PCs and Servers, "It's easy for them to stay with Microsoft, and it's a benefit for Microsoft."

Microsoft has been much less dependent on the same product as compared to the past, its cloud services and its Xbox gaming business, Bing search, surface tablets and PC revenue, as well as increased revenue from commercial social network linking acquired in 2016.

Last month in the US The $ 480 million deal was signed with the Army, which was done to supply Hololance devices, which would help the army use the domination and virtual reality to train.

He also competes with Amazons and others for a $ 1 million contract for Pentagon Cloud Services.

Diversified income streams contrast with Apple, which still rely on iPhone sales for the most revenue and profit.

"Microsoft is well-balanced in many different categories," said Bob O'Donell of Tackenelles Research.

"For Apple, we have reached the top smartphone and it is a very challenging market. Apple's long-term observers knew that this is happening at any time and the question is how fast they can be transferred to the services."

Microsoft has emphasized business services that make customers less visible, but "that means they are not subject to tech fashion fans and their revenues are more solid and more stable," said Don Donle.

A large part of Microsoft's change came when he decided to throw Nokia's device business on a Windows Mobile phone towel, but got entry into the Apple and Google-powered Android smartphone-dominated sectors.

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