Sunday , March 26 2023

Samsung offers a folding smartphone


ShareBus Desk: South Korean company Samsung comes with phoning smartphones. The USA opened its own smartphone in San Francisco. Within a few months, the whole production was announced. & # 39; Infinity Flux Display & # 39; The smartphone was known as a smartphone. News: BBC, Reuters.
Samsung said it will switch the device from seven inches to five inch tablet. If it's returned, a small & # 39; Cover Display & # 39; It comes in front of a small screen. You may use a small cover display in the shortened position. New smartphones can be used for multi-tasking facilities.
Samsung has been testing the idea of ​​such devices for more than five years. From the very beginning, Samsung is looking to compete with the Chinese smartphone giant Huawei, to present the first Wireless Display smartphone in the market. But a few days later, the first up-to-date display in the Start up company Rollley Market announced that it will leave the smartphone market.
You can run three apps in this smartphone. Samsung's official said Justin Denson said during the inauguration of the smartphone, if the device is folded, jackets can be stored in the pocket. For this reason, he said the contribution of more thin exhibits than previous displays.

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