Monday , August 15 2022

Says Kohli to bowl over board


A few days ago he wanted to see English and Australian batsmen more than India. Virat Kohli is India's one of the best batsmen in the world. He told me to leave India and go to another country. Kohli has criticized such a criticism. Kohli was advised by the Indian cricket board's executive committee for good use of the media and the public.

The series starts on November 21 in the Twenty20 cricket. On the eve of the visit, the coley for the public was advised to lower the executive board. Prior to going to Australia on Friday, the app talked about the CEO of the CEO of the executive board and the deal. There are two conversations on mobile. The executive officer always advised Kohli to be captain of the Indian team.

The executive officer said the journalists and the general public were more interested. But if he does not know what he has done, Kohli told journalists on Thursday.

Last week, Kohli delivered ideas to his fans through his mobile app. An Australian batsman was said to have scored more bats than most Indian batsmen at that time. Kohli had no attitude there. & # 39; I do not think you should stay in India. Why are you in another country where you live in our country? "Kohli criticized Kohli for commenting on such a disgruntled statement that many colleagues criticized Henry Wokhale, saying" such stories are from celebrities. They want to hear these words (critics). But the famous ones must come out of it. & # 39;

Kohli's executive board responded often in the media. In a reply to a question, Coach Ravi Shastri's "Best Indian XI", after the England tour, Kohli said. When a journalist asked repeatedly about the change in the South African series in the 11 elections, he was keen to interact with them.

Prior to the Australia tour, the Board did not want to see Kohli's nature. In 2008, Harbhajan Singh responded to the Mangigate incident. Because Andrew Symonds is a monkey. That is the beginning of the conflict. In recent times, the dispute over the two fields. Asked players if players were missing from Virat Kohli not to ask if Australian captain Steve Smith would use the test in Bangalore last year. As a result, the heat transmissions between the two groups inter-interface. Can you ask Kohli to ask who I am? Smith replied with Australia's Chief James Sunderland.

The Australian mission will begin on Wednesday. When the relationship between the two parties is cool, then the Indian Cricket Board may have to look forward to giving cohere to Kohli.

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