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Scorpio will open the fortune, which will be good news, what is your message? – News 18 Bengali

Scorpio will open the future, which will be good news, what is your statement?

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UpdatedDec 03, 2018 09:07 AM IST

Aries: Today, Arjun Rash's Jatak Din is a mixed potential. There may be some disagreement with co-workers on the workplace. The business day will not work well. Stay in the financial crisis. Physical health may not be good. Revenue income will rise after 2 pm. You can get help at work from a life partner. Expect business banking to be expected.

Taurus: Today, Balul's day is a convenient part of love and romance. There is a pair of burgers purchased for baby today. Dear people can get help. Creative work will progress. Artists and craftsmanship will increase earnings. After some, the fear of some difficulties in the workplace. Employees can benefit beneficiaries.

Gemini: Gemini's guru's day can be very good. May be involved in family and household activities. Mama or Hala can help meet the expectations. Foreign work is expected. After two, love and romance are good creative professionals can get new orders. Increasing business contacts.

You can get good news from social media through the social media. Textile and gold jewelery business will proceed as expected. Garments and ready-made garments can get new orders in business. A few hours later the guests are added to the house. Expected work will go forward. You will find success in accommodation related housing.

Lion: Today, Lion's birth anniversary is auspicious. Food and profitable traders can earn good returns. Retail sales benefit The progress of collection efforts is expected. Hotels and restaurant business owners will benefit. The possibility of getting good news after the second Progress in relation to the work of small siblings will be made.

Daughter: The daughter's daughter's daughter will be impressed today. You can get new responsibilities at work. Political performance will increase dignity. It is expected to improve the physical condition of the sick. After noon, press for the remaining payment. Good income increase in retail and wholesale trade Restaurant business happy

Cotton: Junk days of cotton season are good prospects. The cost of business deal will increase in the morning. Traveler's day can be good. Ahmedabad can expect progress in exports. Travel agencies and air ticketing merchants can get good returns. The time will be stronger than the other. Businesses will benefit. Psychological disorders can be solved.

Scorpio: Today, Scorpio is a happy day. Today your income will increase. Employee's salary is a strong add-on bonus. You can expect good business growth. Will be benefited by a friend or by a fellow believer. In the afternoon there are some shopping links. Taxpayers will have trouble earning their income. Distance has been added for the professional needs of travel.

Dhanu: Junk's day is a possibility of happiness. Your job responsibilities will increase in the workplace. Improving the prospect of improvement in government jobs will be a strong opportunity for you to get an effective officer or leader favored. The trader will be able to recover the remaining amount after noon. Employees can get salary wages. Impression will increase.

Capricorn: Capricorn nation can be a good day. Today, the poor future of the unemployed people is unemployed. May participate in religious activities. In the afternoon unemployed workers added work Political and public relations work will progress. Add to your new responsibilities at work. Impact shali can get help from any bureaucrator.

KUMB: Zodiac days of Zodiac can be mixed. May be debt or debt today. Add to the benefit of risky investment The possibility of getting insurance is strong. You can become a policeman because of a business dealer. It will be better than twice There may be an opportunity to travel abroad. World students can be successful in any exam.

Mina: Juice Day can be very good. Today there may be good events in business and workplaces. It is expected to improve the physical condition of the sick. After two, there will be some obstacles in the business process. Loans may be necessary. Lenders' refunds will increase.

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09:07:06 AM Dec 03, 2018

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