Wednesday , May 18 2022

Sheikh Saidir Video & # 39; Lalna & # 39;


Nani and Sadie
Shaheed Shaadi is famous for Facebook and YouTube. His songs are available on this site sharing a regular site. For the first time, his work was published in the audio production organization.

& # 39; Lalna & # 39; CMV is the manufacturing company. Shaikh Saadi said this voice. In addition, he made his own words and tunes. Shahafir Rafat gave the music. & # 39; lalana & # 39; s with the Mirror Nanny and Shady In the film.
Today (November 15th) it was released on the CMV YouTube channel.

About singing singer Sadi said, "Frankly, I'm totally young in the music industry and the official passing through CMV seems to be easy for others.
Lalna's song:

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