Friday , July 30 2021

Solaris real rate first game

After this goal, footballers celebrate this year. Photo Daily Mail

Sergio Ramosara has lost 3-0 against La Liga on Saturday, after Real Madrid coach Santiago Garcia gets the first-rate taste. With this victory, La Liga took a 13-13 lead in the table. After the match, Real Madrid finished sixth. Their points in 13 points are 20.

After the dismissal of Huley Lopeztegie, Real Solaris had a temporary coach. After this, the team was designated Argentina as a permanent coach during the international break in European club football. Taking responsibility, won the first four matches of the Solaris Real.

But on Saturday, at the municipal stadium, he lost all the calculations on the real, then the real. The club won the first match against Real in La Liga. Within an hour of the game, they resulted in 3-0 result. Gonzalo Astalante, Sergio Enrique and Kiki García scored the goal.

The chance of a real goal was not found in the match by a loss of 0-3. Once hit the shot at Gareth Belle's assault, it was canceled for offside. And once again Karim Benzema shot me from the line in the left buttocks coat.

Bell once again, and Luca Rodriguez took a good shot in the game. But this time the goalkeeper could not reduce the Aussie Rice Savo gap or return to the match.

In this match, 61 percent of the balls control the rallies. But in the opponent's bowl, only three times to get the right shot. This time the shot grew by nearly 8 times.

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