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Sonu corporation left suicide, wiped the devotee's hand! Watch video – News 18 Bengali

Sonu corporation left suicide, wiped the devotee's hand! Watch the video

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Updated21 January, 2019 08:21 PM IST

#Mumbai: Not interested in Bollywood celebrities with selfies? And if it's a lot, then there's no word. Fans are always used to make pictures with such stars. One such fan demanded a fan of Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam. But it is so surprised what this gold did.

The singer recently discussed several issues. He commented on a lot of things that he made a lot of noise. What is the answer to what happened to the video again with the fan, it can not be expressed.

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A devotee said that he saw a famous singer and asked for a dream. Bose proceeded forward to Sono. But then the devotee's hands turned around. It is clear that the devotees suffered a lot. But still he took a picture of a smiling Sonu in Bundas Maud, because nothing has happened! Watch video …

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