Tuesday , January 26 2021

Srimangal was stolen in one night at five government offices!

The incident took place in a five-night government building at Srimangal in Moulvibazar. Among them are the Upazila Executive Officer; Directorate of Women Affairs; Social Service Officer; Office of Statistics Officer and Secondary Education Officer.

All the offices are located in Upazila Parishad. The concerned officials of the concerned department said that incident of "thieves" assault took place between 4am and 5pm on Monday. The thieves broke into the doors and windows and entered the office. It is known that more than one lakh of the money was stolen from the offices.

On the spot it can be seen that the granules of the porch window of the office of the Upazila Executive Officer are broken. Doors, cupboards, table drawers broken. Apart from this, the papers have been hidden in the offices of Upazila Women's Affairs Department. The same is the office of Upazila Social Service Officer, Upazila Statistics Officer's Office and Upazila Secondary Education Officer's Office.

The Accountant of Upazila Women's Affairs Department said, there were millions of VGD deposits in this department. The thieves took the money. However, how much money has been taken, it can not be told yet.

Talking to the officials of the other four offices, nothing was lost from their office. Upazila statistics officer Rahul Ghosh said there was a laptop-clock in the drawer of his office table. The thieves put out the laptop and put it on the table, did not take it. He believed that the main goal of 'chearer' was money and money. That's why there is nothing other than money.

Srimangal Upazila Executive Officer Nazrul Islam said in the first light, "We are trying to identify the thieves by watching the CCTV footage." Srmangal Thana Officer-in-Charge (Investigation) Sohel Rana said, "We visited the site. A case is under preparation in this regard. '

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