Monday , March 1 2021

Start school football league at Sylhet

The district is organized jointly by the District Sports Association and the Silth District Football Association. K-Sport School Football League -2014 has started K-Sport. The Salahetham District Sports Association is leading this school league for the first time in 20 different schools in the district of Silath district. The Chief Guest inaugurated the tournament and the district superintendent of police managing director. MontySurman. Silk District Sports Association BF Executive Member and General Secretary Mahi Udyan Ahmad Selim spoke with special guests. In the inaugural match, the Ferguson Subilea's & # 39; Durham High School & # 39; Team Silth City & aided high school & # 39; Defeated. Mahi Udhin Ahmed Selim, general secretary of the District Sports Association, said that football players are playing a key role in the inauguration of the school. Every year the tournament is being organized. President and Superintendent of Police. MontySurman.

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