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Such branches will be held in the next election

Staff Reporter | January 7, 2014, Monday, 10:21

Prime Minister's Political Advisor H. H. Imam has said that there are no such coordination and discipline before the Eleventh Parliament elections, he will be in the future to keep this discipline in the future. Yesterday after the meeting with the Election Commission (EC), HT Imam said this. After the parliamentary elections, the delegation of nine members of the Emami League, including Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda, met with the full commission. Congratulations and congratulations to the Election Commission for keeping the constitutional responsibilities very nicely in the elections
The Awami League delegation said. In a media briefing in the media center after the meeting, HT Imam said that most of the elections are not in Bangladesh.

A beautiful combination of such a large number of people has never been gathered before. He said that the elections held on December 30 were the most proud of them. H.T. Imam said that wherever the commission is to help, the government has done all the work. We have discussed these issues from small to large, low, civilian, all law officers.

How can I maintain the order of 11th parliamentary elections, how to maintain coordination. Regarding the coming of many more elections in the coming days, HT Imam said, we also discussed about elections which can be made fair, acceptable. When asked about the demand for re-election under BNP's neutral government, he said that the word has been raised. We feel that it is a matter of election commission. Matter of constitution

H.T. Imam said that elections in the election commission have increased a lot in the eleven parliamentary elections. He said that like this, different countries and foreign countries have never congratulated them before. They all said that there is no such beautiful election. We are proud of the world's immediate recognition. H.T. Imam said that no accident has been caused in the first election by the police or any member of any other force. Prime Minister's Finance Advisor H. T. Mosharir Rehman, party's publicity and publication secretary, led by Imam. Central Working Committee member Hasan Mahmud, ABM Riyazul Kabir Kasasar and a delegation of nine members met with the Election Commission. Meanwhile, Chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda, on behalf of the Commissioner said on behalf of the Commissioner. Rafiqul Islam, retired Brigadier General Shahadat Hussain Chaudhary, Election Commission Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed, Additional Secretary Mokhlesur Rahman and senior officials of the Commission were present in the meeting.

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