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T20: 78 no 208


GO News 24 | Sports Desk Published: November 4, 018, 04:39 Updated: November 4, 2018, 10:39

T20: 78 no 208

Sharp AC

The title is surprisingly certain. If a strong country like Australia has not had a century with Pakistan in recent days. He was a young man in the United Arab Emirates, in the twentieth century! But before that, an Afghan made such a plot.

Shafikullah Shafiq, who has won two centuries in Afghanistan at the Twenty20 Twenty for the last Twenty20, is now K. V. Hari Krishnan, 19. Unluckily, he scored 208 * at 78 Allan T20 in Dubai

Harkrishna plays this incredible spot against Spottings Cricket Club against MCX Cricket Club. The 19-year-old teenager has 22 innings in four innings and hates in 14 innings. This 172 four or six race!

Surprisingly, after the exchange, Hari Krishan's team could not win. Harikrishna alone 208, but the team's result at the Sporting Cricket Club was at the end of the 250th. This means that other patches in the patches could not stand it right. After winning the shot 17 laps, the match was confirmed by the Opposition MaCoos Cricket Club.

After the devastating inning, Hrithik said that the dream in IPL and other large franchise T-Twenty tournaments comes from the baby. Just as you did it. This thought helped him into a dull intruder.

"The dream of participating in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other franchises is very small," said team leader of the United Arab Emirates team. And so we've been doing fast running practice for a long time. In the meantime, I played very stormy tracks. "Formerly, Harikrishna gained a century in the University Premier League.

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