Monday , September 26 2022

Taha Tauseef and Safar 'oh la la'


Showbiz Desk: People are running every day in the city. Running for their own needs. Running around each other continuously, but there is no way to understand who's character. Some people in the city are constantly laughing, and some people constantly cheating. The people who are fooling people in their left-hand games are fools and ordinary people. False people are busy trying to achieve their interests. But just like that, all his life? What is the end result?
The story was created in such a story, 'O La La'
In the play and direction of Imraul Rafat, Lux Superstar Mumtahina Tia, Tausif Mahbub, Safa Kabir and many others have played in this play. For the first time, Tia and Safa Kabir can see the two exceptional characters in this play. 'Struh Entertainment' produced by drama 'O La La', dedicated to Brave Energy dries. On November 29, the company will release its YouTube channel 'Dhrubativi', the play 'Uh La La'.

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