Friday , July 30 2021

Tangail's training fighter crashed, pilot killed

Airbud training in Hawaii in Tagore's Madhupur has broken. Pilot Wing Commander Arif Ahmed Dipu died in the plane. The incident took place at 3.30 pm on Friday at the Telly Firing Zone of Arnakhola Union of Madhupur.

Madhupur Upahila Nirahahi Officer Ramendra Nath Vishwas said that from November 22nd to 27th November, the Air Force was in the Ornakhalla Union. On Friday afternoon at 3:40 am, firefighters fighter, B-7 F-7 PG of Bangladesh, suddenly died in the forest of Madhupur. Pilot Arif died on the spot.

Madhupur Fire Service Station Officer Dilewar Hussain said, while firing a training plane, suddenly a fire broke out in Madhupur forest and it was set on fire. Fire at the place was brought under fire control. The aircraft was scattered. The bodies were also cut into pieces. At 5 pm, members of the Air Force, Madhupur Police Station and Madhupur Fire Service were working.

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