Friday , August 19 2022

The AminSul Islam of BNP said, "The good wishes of Masaury …" 705068 | Calere Canto


The most discussed topic in the upcoming parliamentary elections is the participation of National One day captain Mashraf bin Moratasa. The popular captain who is fighting for the ruling Awami League will contest the election. On the other hand, those looking at football are no reasons to know Amin's hook. Amin'kul's greatest identity is the best goalkeeper in the history of the country, more than the former captain of the national football team. In the political field, two captains will fight.

No, Mashram and Am are not the same seat. Prior to retirement, Musharraf will contest in his constituency Nareye-2 constituency. On the other hand, after the retirement of football, Amunal Dhaka -14 and 16 bought nomination papers. Musharraf will be selected from such an aviation league; Amin will be from their infinite BNP. If the relationship between the two parties is wiped out, do not forget to forget about his wishes.

The former goalkeeper said, "Good luck to Mashrafe, he is criticizing me playing in the election as a player, in politics, perhaps this critique can play me like me, but when you go to parliament, you'll have some luck for him," he said.

Amin is currently the BNP youth youth department secretary. The candidate filed for nomination papers on the direction of the party high command. I have full positive optimism in getting nomination. I have collected the nomination papers from Dhaka-16 from the party high command. The group of these two groups will nominate me.

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